Hadopots™ - polythene plant pots and plant bags, plastic pots, polypots, bag pots

Hadopots™ are the market leader for polythene plant pots in the United Kingdom, supplying commercial growers and the retail market throughout the UK.

Hadopots™ are recognised throughout the Horticultural Industry as being reliable and dependable polythene plant pots for growing fruit, vegetables, shrubs and small trees.

Hadopots™ - also referred to as plastic pots, polypots, bag pots, plant pots and plant bags - are flat packed polythene pots which are easily filled with compost. Hadopots™ open out to form a square free-standing pot, with correctly positioned punched-out drainage holes.

Hadopots™ are used extensively across the United Kingdom to grow potatoes, carrots, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, shrubs, small trees, plants and flowers.

Product benefits:-

• Made from 100% recycled polythene
• Drainage holes
• Strong and durable
• Portable
• Re-usable
• Flat-pack, saves storage space
• Excellent value
• Over 50% cost saving over rigid alternative
• Established supplier to commercial growers for 40 years
• Manufactured in the UK